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With today’s busy lifestyles, breakfast needs to be quick and easy so that’s why I created my Premium Breakfast Shakes. For less than the cost of a cappuccino you can now have a healthy breakfast that will kickstart your metabolism and help you BURN FAT.

If you’ve never been a breakfast person, my Premium Breakfast Shakes are a great way to create that breakfast habit. Just add water, shake and you’re good to go.  

But you want it to be good for you as well, right? Scroll down to see exactly what nutritional value you're getting with these delicious shakes. 



Breakfast should form part of a nutritionally balanced program. To support your weight loss plan I have created something very special. As soon as you purchase your Breakfast Shake you will receive your FREE 14 Day Weight Loss Menu Plan that I devised just for the my premium shakes. The good news is there is a different menu plan for EACH flavour, which means you have 2 months worth of menus to support you.

Diets can be boring, which is what makes them so hard to stick to. Each of my weight loss plans shows you how to use my shakes for breakfast most days, but to break it up there are two days a week that have a different breakfast because variety is the spice of life. On weekends it is nice to have a prepared breakfast. The plans will teach you about portion control, healthy choices and more importantly you will learn how to be able to sustain a healthy lifestyle long-term.

Why is breakfast so important? Having breakfast kick-starts your metabolism, which is ideal for anyone on a weight loss plan because it means you will burn more calories. So get your engine started and get into fat-burning mode at the start of your day.

Many shake companies make their nutritional information very hard to find and there's probably good reason for that, there really isn't that much nutrition in many of the shakes on the market. I am proud to say my Premium Breakfast Shakes are packed with goodness. The 15g of protein teamed with 7g of fibre will keep you feeling fuller longer and there's loads of vitamins and minerals too like extra magnesium and iron. Take a look at the panels below and if you are a person who loves to know exactly what you are putting in your mouth, scroll down to the link at the bottom of the page for the full product disclosure for each shake flavour. There's nothing to hide here.   


If you have a gluten or nut allergy you can enjoy any of the four flavours. If you have a soy allergy or are dairy intolerant, I have you covered with my delicious Dairy Free Chocolate Shake.

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View the full nutritional information, ingredient list and product declarations for each flavour below 
Nutrition Information and Ingredient Declaration

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